The School of Architecture, Chang'an University, was formed in 2000 by the former Department of Architecture of the Northwest Institute of Architecture & Engineering, and the former College of Architecture & Engineering of the University of Highway and Transportation. In March 2003, it was renamed as School of Architecture.

The School of Architecture has three majors: Architecture (5-year undergraduate program), Urban and Rural Planning (5-year undergraduate program), and Environmental Art Design (4-year undergraduate program). The total number of students in the School are 1340, including 1095 undergraduate students, 236 graduate students and 9 doctoral students.

The School of Architecture consists of three departments (Department of Architecture, Department of Urban and Rural Planning, Department of Environmental Art Design), one Laboratory Center (Building Physics Laboratory, Urban and Rural Planning Information Technology Laboratory, Visual Modeling Laboratory, Architectural History Experimental Research Center, Digital Building Laboratory), and Chang'an University Human Settlements & Building Energy Efficiency Laboratory (Human Settlements & Building Energy Efficiency Laboratory, Energy-saving Building Technology Research Center). In addition, it includes Chang'an University Urban Planning and Design Research Institute, Chang'an University Architecture Design & Research Institute, as well as some research-oriented institutes, such as Urban Research Institute, Institute of Architectural Acoustics and Optics, Human Settlements Institute, Institute of Historic Cultural Cities Conservation, and Institute of Human Settlements & Building Energy Efficiency.

In May 2018, both B.Arch. (5-year) and M.Arch programs passed the National Architecture Education Accreditation and were accredited for 4 years. Urban and Rural Planning (5-year undergraduate program) was also accredited for 4 years from the national educational program in May 2015.

Currently, The School has three first-level master's degree programs in Architecture, Urban and Rural Planning and Landscape Architecture, a second-level doctoral program in Urban and Rural Human Settlement Environment Construction Engineering, and the right to grant master's degree in Architecture and Civil Engineering. On December 28, 2017, China Academic Degrees & Graduate Education Development CenterCDGDCannounced the results of the fourth round of national assessment. The Urban and Rural Planning discipline ranked B-, tied for 16th. The Architecture discipline ranked C-, tied for 33rd.

The School’s discipline construction relies on the resources of Chang'an University's dominant disciplines, and is guided by sustainable development, urban and rural planning, and sciences of human settlements. It actively integrates with the practical problems and characteristics of the northwest region, and builds Architecture, Urban and Rural Planning, and Landscape Architecture. The Trinity has a disciplinary system with regional characteristics in the west region. In the cultivation of talents, we pay attention to the school-production-research "three-axis interaction" school-running ideas, based on the characteristics of nature, culture and settlement in the northwest region, and conform to the characteristics and trends of higher education and scientific research under the "new normal". Combining China's "One Belt, One Road" national strategy, keeping pace with the "double first-class" construction of universities, we highlight the requirements of the "regional characteristics" education and teaching model. In response to the opportunities of the development of the western region and the construction of the Silk Road Economic Belt, the sustainable development of cities and buildings, regional characteristics of human settlements, the planning theory and method research, initially formed research in the fields of human settlements and green buildings, building technology science, regional culture and regional architecture, rural planning techniques and methods, urban and rural development history and heritage protection, urban land and transportation planning, and urban and rural ecological planning and technology. In addition, the School has received a lot of awards, such as the first prize of Graduation Design of International Architecture, the special award of International Federation of Architects, and the special gold prize of the National Habitat Classical Architecture Planning and Design Competition, etc.

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